Protect: $15


Ultimate Protection with Carnauba Wax.

The Protect wash package is the ultimate express wash that offers our best shine and protection to maintain that showroom shine. 

Protect Monthly Pass – $25

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Buy 5 Get 1 Free – $60

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Tire Gloss

Make your tires shine like your clean rims

Body Protectant 

Protects the vehicles chrome and paint finish

Carnauba Wax

The hardest wax known to man that provides natural water repellant and protection from harmful UV rays

Included Services

  • Wash + Rinse + Free Vacuum Stations
  • Wheel Brightener: High pressure rim blaster with Wheel Brite removes brake dust and grime to make your rims shine
  • Undercarriage Clean: Wash U offers a high pressure undercarriage wash to blast away salt, dirt and grime that can cause corrosion – particularly in winter weather
  • Lava Pre-Soak starts the wash process by dissolving dirt and debris on the car surface.
  • Clear Coat protects the paint finish from the sun
  • Heat Dry: 1.5 million BTU’s and 15 high pressure blowers providing a better dry
  • Triple Foam and Body Protectant adds enhanced layers to bring out the shine and protect for your finish
  • Rain Repellant beads up water on your windshield to provide better visibility

Monthly Wash Pass for $25

Protect your second largest investment and show your pride in your car.

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Buy 5 Washes and Get Your First Wash Free 

Clean up with our special pricing deals.

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